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24 May 2012

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Airport security checks, traffic management in the event of a disaster, a doctoral programme in civil security research – three examples from a large range of topics featuring on the security research agenda of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). Security research is a cross-departmental programme, newly established in 2010, under which defence and security-related research and development activities are planned and directed in close collaboration with our partners in government, academia and industry. DLR has now published a brochure to introduce its various civil security research themes and activities to a wider public.

The brochure illustrates how DLR research teams work to make life more secure. The list of DLR projects covered includes VABENE, a system to manage security at mass events such as Munich’s Oktoberfest.  FireWatch and BIRD, two early-detection technologies to spot forest fires also form part of the portfolio, as does the development of a satellite-assisted maritime security system to enable public-authority users to improve security on the high seas. The 60-page publication entitled “Security Research at DLR” offers a concise presentation, both in English and in German, of these and other activities and projects, including details of all participating research centres and institutes.

You can read the brochure online or download it as a PDF.

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