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Simple Fleet - Democratizing Fleet Management

10 July 2012

SimpleFleet will be a one-stop solution for SMEs for tracking solutions and has as its ultimate goal the commoditization of tracking and fleet management services. In May 2012 the project Simple fleet, supported by the FP7 COOPERATION program of the European Commission, has been started. The project SimpleFleet will make it easy for SMEs, both from a technological and business perspective, to create (mobile) web-based fleet management applications.

In the future it will be made easier for solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to use fleet management services – this is the goal of the EU-funded research project Simple Fleet. The department Traffic Management of the Institute of Transportation Systems of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the coordinator of the project.

The project aims at simplifying the development of solutions for fleet management: By "democratizing" the respective software sector, the availability of fleet management solutions for SME is increased, and the whole market segment is commodified.

To achieve this, SimpleFleet puts the easy development and setup of services for SMEs in the focus, and not only the required data. For this purpose, SimpleFleet will provide the required Application Program Interfaces (API) and the respective data management. This facilitates push-button solutions to answer the following questions easily and quickly: When will the vehicle arrive at the customer? Where are the vehicles of my fleet now? How many kilometers did my vehicles cover today? That way, SimpleFleet targets a niche market since present solutions for fleet management are still too complex and too expensive for SME.

SimpleFleet builds on the results of the successful project "Track and Trade", which was supported by the European Commission and has been completed in 2008. Here, concepts for a data mart have been built, using the untapped resource of Floating Car Data (FCD) as a cost-efficient means for the accurate assessment of traffic conditions. The "floating cars" are probe vehicles which are equipped with GPS receivers, and operate as samples to assess the overall traffic conditions (like a "cork swimming in the river") in large cities. The taxi FCD fleet of DLR in Berlin already contributes with 4,800 vehicles to the FCD fleet of the project, which consists of approximately 12,000 vehicles in total.

To achieve its objectives, SimpleFleet relies on accurate data. Therefore, in the demo regions Berlin, Athens, and Vienna, large amounts of traffic information are derived from FCD and other data sources by intelligent algorithms. Besides a complete framework for the development of fleet management solutions, the researchers also plan to investigate uses of traffic information in geostatistics and new visualization methods for traffic data.
Besides DLR, the consortium consists of the ATHENA Research Center in Greece, WIGeoGIS GmbH in Austria, and TALENT S.A. in Greece.
SimpleFleet is partially supported by the FP7 - COOPERATION programme of the European Commission.

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