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  • DLR%2dStandort Braunschweig %2d Luftfahrtforschungsflotte
    DLR Braunschweig - research aircraft fleet

    DLR Braunschweig is home to a part of DLR's research aircraft fleet.

  • DLR%2dStandort Braunschweig %2d Institut für Aerodynamik und Strömungstechnik
    DLR Braunschweig - Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology

    C²A²S²E-Cluster: Europe's fastest computer for aeronautics research.

  • DLR%2dStandort Braunschweig %2d Institut für Faserverbundleichtbau und Adaptronik
    DLR Braunschweig - Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems

    Microwave autoclave to cure new materials for aircraft construction.

  • DLR Braunschweig - Institute of Flight Guidance

    The tower simulation at the DLR Institute of Flight Guidance.

  • DLR%2dStandort Braunschweig %2d Institut für Flughafenwesen und Luftverkehr
    DLR Braunschweig - Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research

    The Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research aims at developing measures for airport management that efficiently integrate passenger movement into landside and airside processes thus fostering efficient intermodal transport.

  • DLR%2dStandort Braunschweig %2d Institut für Flugsystemtechnik
    DLR Braunschweig - Institute of Flight Systems

    The rotor test facility at the Institute of Flight Systems.

  • The dynamic driving simulator from DLR

    The dynamic driving simulator at the DLR Institute of Transportation Systems in Braunschweig.

  • DLR%2dStandort Braunschweig %2d Deutsch%2dNiederländische Windkanäle
    DLR Braunschweig - German-Dutch Wind Tunnels

    The German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW) foundation operates the most powerful aero-acoustic wind tunnel in the world at the DLR site in Braunschweig.

  • DLR%2dStandort Braunschweig %2d Flugexperimente
    DLR Braunschweig - Flight experiments

    The DLR research aircraft Airbus ATRA along with seven other aircraft are based in Braunschweig.

  • DLR%2dStandort Braunschweig %2d DLR_School_Lab Braunschweig
    DLR Braunschweig - DLR_School_Lab Braunschweig

    At the DLR_School_Lab in Braunschweig, the students themselves are the researchers.

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Braunschweig does research in the fields of aeronautics, transport, space and energy. Located at the Research Airport, DLR continues the tradition of the Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DFL), founded in 1936, and employs there about 1100 highly-qualified scientists and engineers.

Range of services

Unique high-performance facilities, research flight and automotive vehicles, flight simulators, air traffic simulation facilities, wind tunnels in the European DNW foundation (German-Dutch Wind Tunnels), mobile rotor test stands and test stands for material and noise tests are available for experimental research.

Test equipment for sophisticated, experimental technology is designed and manufactured in the modern workshops of DLR Engineering Systems House. An in-house office of airworthiness surveys the safe and operations of the complex experimental installations in fixed wing aircraft and helicopters of the Braunschweig Research flight department. The certified Rail Site® provides DLR with the competence to support industry in the certification of their rail system components. Furthermore DLR consults users in the application of composite fiber technologies and new materials in industry.

Focal areas of research are:

  • Improvement of the dynamic aircraft behaviour and the operational safety of aircraft and helicopters
  • Increase in the performance, safety and reliability o air, road and railway traffic
  • Intelligent assistance systems for human operators of airborne and ground transportation systems
  • Development of design principles and tools for low-drag and quiet air vehicles
  • Development and realization of adaptable, damage-tolerant and cost-efficient high-performance structures for aerospace and ground transportation application

DLR Braunschweig cooperates closely with TU Baunschweig, other research establishments and in networks such as Research Airport and ForschungRegion Braunschweig.

Institutes and facilities

  • DLR-Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology
  • DLR-Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research
  • DLR-Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems
  • DLR-Institute of Flight Guidance
  • DLR-Institute of Flight Systems
  • DLR-Institute of Transportation Systems
  • DLR Design Organisation
  • DLR Engineering Systems House
  • DLR Flight Operations
  • DLR Technology Marketing
  • Association for the Scientific Development of ATM in Europe (ASDA)
  • AT-One
  • Center for Computer Applications in AeroSpace Science and Engieneering (C²A²S²E)
  • German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW)
  • DLR Simulation and Software Technology

Apprenticeships, continuing education and the promotion of young scientists

DLR is certified establishment for apprenticeships, vocational training and continuing/college education. It provides school and job internships as well as industrial-technical and commercial apprenticeships. It also provides additional qualification for scientists by coaching them on their diploma thesis and enabling them to acquire their PhD. The DLR_School_Lab Braunschweig is a curricular learning center where school students can carry out experiments on their own and acquire an insight into everyday research.

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German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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