TRANSMIT Summer School 2012

25 June 2012

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Threats to different systems due to propagating ionization fronts and irregularities in the ionosphere: September 10 -14, 2012

The 2nd TRANSMIT Summer School 2012 provides international students the opportunity to get a comprehensive insight into the recent developments in the modern and exciting field of impact of ionosphere on different systems. It is part of the training program of the Fp7 project TRANSMIT.

Young scientists involved in TRANSMIT shall be trained and educated for being aware and getting basic understanding of ionospheric threats in different fields of application. Awareness and knowledge of ionospheric threats is the starting point of subsequent work to reduce or mitigate them in practical applications.

During the summer school students will get a compact view into the physical nature of ionospheric perturbations, ionospheric impact on radio wave propagation, detection, monitoring and estimation the degree of ionospheric perturbations as well as mitigation techniques for avoiding threats in technical systems. The lectures will be complemented by practical exercises. An excursion to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) site Neustrelitz rounds off the scientific program.

This summer school particularly addresses advanced early stage and experienced researchers as well as consortium members and partners of TRANSMIT project.

The summer school will take place in Neustrelitz, one of Germany's most popular travel destinations. The social program includes a sightseeing tour through Neustrelitz, an ice breaker party, a dinner as well as a day trip to the Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum including a visit of a nice seaside resort at the Baltic Sea coast.

The deadline for the summer school registration is August 17, 2012. To register and to get more information please click here.



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