DLR site Weilheim - How to get there

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DLR Weilheim
Reichenbergstrasse 8
82362 Weilheim
Phone: +49 8809 14-0

The Weilheim site is located about 60 kilometres southwest of Munich. You can reach it in the following ways:

By train

From Munich airport, take S-Bahn S1 or S8 in the direction of 'Hauptbahnhof'. At the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), take the regional train (from platforms 27 to 36) to Weilheim Oberbayern. During the day, it runs once every hour. The journey time is just under 40 minutes. You need to take a taxi in order to get from Weilheim station to the DLR site. The taxi ride will take about ten minutes.

By taxi

The taxi fare from Munich airport to DLR in Weilheim is over 100 euro. If you take a taxi from the centre of Munich, it will cost up to 100 euro as well.

By car

Take the A95 from Munich to Starnberg, then take B2 from Starnberg to Weilheim (about 27 kilometres). In Weilheim, take St2057 in the direction of Landsberg am Lech. After 6.4 kilometres, turn right into Reichenbachstraße and follow the signs to DLR.

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