IT and Communications Management

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IT and Communications Technology are of growing importance for the creation of wealth at DLR's. The rapid development of various technologies and processes means that the infrastructure used must be continuously updated and optimised, if work is to remain effective and economically viable, while it is important to keep complexity manageable.

Coordination of IT management for DLR is delegated to the IK-M (IT and Communications Management) branch of the central organisational unit. Its task is to manage strategy relating to architecture, construction layout and control of the IT infrastructure, and to shape knowledge and information management and IT security. At the same time, IK-M also coordinates work with the IT service provider, and the ongoing modification of the services provided to meet the requirements of the DLR facilities. IK-M also coordinates work between the central organisation and the various IT divisions.

IT governance structure

Proposals for modification and expansion are put forward by a network of local IT managers in the institutes. The managers put forward their requirements to five local panels which, in turn pass them on to the central IT committee. The standards settled upon in the panels are then adopted by the individual facilities, and audited regularly by IK-M.

The central areas managed by IK-M are shown in the following diagram. The decisive factor in this is how the functions overlap; even in complex situations, this can facilitate quick and efficient solutions. Such direct collaboration allows conversion to a universal framework concept, known as IT governance.

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