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Are we alone in the universe? Or is there intelligent life on other planets as well? What will the aeroplanes and cars of the future look like? What forms of energy will we use in the future when the oil runs out? DLR is working on these and many other exciting questions in its focus areas aeronautics, space, transportation, and energy research. DLR's research institutes are spread across all parts of Germany. They operate wind tunnels and solar installations, control centres, simulators, and large test stands for rocket engines.

The educational backgrounds of DLR's over 5 000 employees are equally diverse. Engineers, biologists and medical experts, experts in climate research, propulsion technology or robotics, and many other specialists work at DLR.

In order to successfully handle these important research projects in the future as well, DLR offers many interesting opportunities for young people to get informed and even to complete an educational programme at one of DLR's sites. Classes of school pupils can for instance visit the DLR_School_Labs where they can conduct experiments themselves. It is possible to apply for work experience programmes at DLR. Apprenticeships are also offered for students of business and commerce. Students are offered the opportunity to do research for their graduation thesis here, and many of them subsequently start their professional careers by doing doctoral research at DLR. This is clever, because the job prospects for engineers and natural scientists are very good..

Teaching material available for download

In addition to this, DLR participates in many events such as "Jugend forscht" and "Girls' Day" in Germany and the international Space Camp in the US, and it regularly provides schools with teaching materials. These materials, the "Grundschulinformation Raumfahrt" ("Space exploration info for primary schools") and "Schulinformation Raumfahrt" ("Space exploration info for schools"), as well as the accompanying music for use in the classroom, can be downloaded from this website.

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