Music for use in primary school teaching

Musik für den Grundschulunterricht


Music to sing along with

Music for use in primary school teachingThe Press Pack rocks and raps, but has its quieter side too. Their sing-along songs are fun, but also serve a purpose. You can download each song here, in MP-3 format, either with vocals or as a ‘karaoke’ version. The words and music can be found in the teachers notes to each chapter.

Please note that the material here is only available in the German language.

Press Pack songs for 6 and 7 year olds

Titel mit Gesang Playback
Erde-Weltall-Song (4,6 MB) (4,5 MB)
Erde-Mond-Song (6,3 MB)  
Sonnen-Song (3,4 MB) (3,4 MB)
Planeten-Song (4,3 MB) (4,3 MB)
Stern-Song (4,3 MB)  


Sing! Sing! Sing! - Musik for older kids


Titel mit Gesang Playback
Reporterbandensong Raketen (4,0 MB)  
Reporterbandensong Moderne Raumfahrt (4,0 MB)  
Reporterbandensong Orbit (3,9 MB)  
Reporterbandensong Satelliten (4,0 MB)  
Reporterbandensong Raumsonden (4,0 MB)  
Raumsondensong (3,0 MB) (3,0 MB)
Reporterbandensong Raumstationen (4,0 MB)  
Reporterbandensong Mars (4,0 MB)  


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