DLR Annual Reports Research and Economic Development

DLR Annual Reports Research and Economic Development

The annual reports from DLR "Research and Economic Development" deliver detailed insight into the research portfolio which varies from fundamental research to innovative applications and products for tomorrow. In particular, the occurred changes of each year are described.

Within the tripartite annual report the part "Research" presents the most recent results from national, European and international research projects in the areas

- Aeronautics
- Space
- Transport
- Energy
- Security
- Project Management Agencies

The part "Economic Development" informs about the entrepreneurial activities of DLR. Contents are current activities, third-party business, quality assurance and managing an extensive infrastructure. Likewise described are the central administrative departments, the active personnel policy and the enhanced junior staff development programs. The third part "Data and Facts" underpins the performance and professionalism of DLR within the economic and strategic field as well as the excellent relations to cooperation partners.

The annual reports "Research and Economic Development" encompass in each case the period 01 of July until 30 of the following June of the corresponding year.

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