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PhD position

Prediction, analysis, and control of laminar-turbulent boundary-layer transition for eco-efficient transport aircraft

Starting date


Duration of contract

3 years


in accordance with the Horizon 2020 regulations for Marie Curie ITN projects

Type of employment


A position is available to an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in the framework of the European Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Innovative Training Networks (ITN) project SSeCoID (Stability and Sensitivity Methods for Flow Control and Industrial Design). The research work will focus on the development and application of numerical tools for prediction, detailed analysis and control of laminar-turbulent transition on the wings and empennage of future eco-efficient transport aircraft. The candidate will perform most of the research activities at the DLR Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology in Göttingen within our multinational research team on laminar-turbulent transition, supplemented by secondments at partner institutions of the SSeCoID network. In addition to the planned secondments, the training includes the participation in workshops and summer schools organized by the SSeCoID network.

The recruited ESR is encouraged to carry on the research for a fulfilment of a PhD degree.

How to apply:

Applications must contain a CV, motivation letter, credentials, copy of the Degree and Master title (when applicable), publication list, and contact information of two referees. The CV must clearly indicate the exact dates of (1) each position hold in the past, and (2) countries of residence in the last 5 years.

Your qualifications:

  • master degree or equivalent in engineering, preferably aerospace engineering
  • strong background in fluid mechanics, experience in computational fluid dynamics, numerical methods and code development (FORTRAN, C, and/or C++)
  • good command of English
  • applicants must be in the first 4 years of the research career and have not yet been awarded a doctoral degree
  • applicants must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Germany for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the recruitment date

Your benefits:

Look forward to a fulfilling job with an employer who appreciates your commitment and supports your personal and professional development. Our unique infrastructure offers you a working environment in which you have unparalleled scope to develop your creative ideas and accomplish your professional objectives. Our human resources policy places great value on a healthy family and work-life-balance as well as equal opportunities for persons of all genders (m/f/non-binary). Individuals with disabilities will be given preferential consideration in the event their qualifications are equivalent to those of other candidates.

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Dr. Stefan Hein
Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology

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