Student placement, Internship

Assistance in Development of an AI-Powered Computer Tool to Monitor and Analize Agrivoltaics Research

Starting date

1 September 2023

Duration of contract

6 months


Allowance 450,00 € + Erasmus plus

Type of employment


Kick-start your career with a captivating project at the German Aerospace Center's Solar Research Institute, an institution at the cutting edge of renewable energy research!

Are you fascinated by the intersection of renewable energy, food production, and sustainable development? Do you find excitement in data, analytics, and cutting-edge AI techniques? Then this might just be the opportunity for you!

Agrivoltaics, the co-development of land for both solar photovoltaic power and agriculture, is gaining significant momentum. To support this rapidly evolving field, we need a comprehensive and dynamic database of agrivoltaics research and projects worldwide, along with advanced AI-powered computer tools to continuously improve the database and to extract meaningful insights from it.

  • As an intern working with us, you would perform the following tasks: Assist in the design and maintenance of a comprehensive database of agrivoltaics research.
  • Develop tools for the ongoing identification and monitoring of agrivoltaics research and projects worldwide.
  • Contribute to the development of computer tools for advanced analysis of the database content.
  • Work closely with leading experts in solar energy and agrivoltaics.

You will be closely integrated into our diverse and highly motivated team in the “Solar Energy Meteorology group” located in Almería (Spain). An experienced colleague will closely work together with you and support you throughout the entire work. The project will be aligned with the responsible professor of your university.

We are always keen to improve our recruiting process: Please refer in your application letter through which platform we caught your attention!

Your qualifications:

  • You are looking for a project or an internship of a technical bachelor or master program in the field of computer science, bibliometrics, artificial intelligence, or similar.
  • You are familiar with scripting languages, preferably Python.
  • You are familiar with relational databases and to some degree  with web development.
  • You are familiar with AI techniques related to natural language processing.
  • You have the ability to work both in a team and individually in a scientific and systematic way.
  • You can demonstrate structured work habits and are driven by continuous improvement.
  • Proficiency in English is necessary for studying scientific literature and communicating within an international research environment.

Your benefits:

Look forward to a fulfilling job with an employer who appreciates your commitment and supports your personal and professional development. Our unique infrastructure offers you a working environment in which you have unparalleled scope to develop your creative ideas and accomplish your professional objectives. Our human resources policy places great value on a healthy family and work-life-balance as well as equal opportunities for persons of all genders (f/m/x). Individuals with disabilities will be given preferential consideration in the event their qualifications are equivalent to those of other candidates.

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Manuel Blanco Muriel
Institute of Solar Research

Phone: +49 2203 601-1464

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