Career opportunities

Non-scientific activities

Cutting%2dedge research in good company: our non%2dscientific employees achieve great things. Copyright:, Bartomiej Szewczyk
Cutting-edge research in good company: our non-scientific employees achieve great things. Copyright:, Bartomiej Szewczyk

Many contributions, one goal: facilitating cutting-edge research

Our researchers are supported by many bright minds and helping hands: they coordinate, plan and organise everyday research at the 30 German Aerospace Center (DLR) sites across the country. They work in the areas of strategy, controlling, human resources, finance, procurement, construction management or public relations, always with the high-quality standards demanded by DLR. Also in the area of technology marketing, quality management and project planning, our employees create the foundations for exceptional services in the 55 DLR institutes and facilities.

A unique infrastructure is always based on commited people

Our exceptional research infrastructure is looked after by committed employees: they operate wind tunnels, antenna measurement equipment and test rigs for rocket engines. They build simulation environments, equip test vehicles and service our research aircraft. They repair precision instruments, keep machinery operational and use very modern workshops. Although they do not carry out research themselves, their expert knowledge allows them to establish the ideal conditions for enabling scientific excellence.