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Stefan Radke

From apprentice with a distinctive profile to mechanical technician: Stefan Ratke

I find myself sitting opposite a nice guy: Stefan Ratke and I are meeting for our first discussion on a sunny day in April in the brand-new training centre at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) in Cologne. Stefan is 25 years old and a third (and final) year apprentice mechanical technician...

Hands-on work

Want to undertake an apprenticeship at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)? You can choose between a wide range of professions in various locations. At the moment, around 250 young people are being trained at our institutes, workshops and laboratories for a successful start to their career. Whether you want to be a mechanical technician, a management assistant or an electrician, we will not only give you the necessary practical skills, but also support you with additional classes and help you prepare for exams. You will gradually be given tasks involving greater responsibility. During your apprenticeship at DLR, which will last three years, we will do everything we can to prepare you for the professional world of tomorrow.

Prototype construction instead of mass production

If you decide to start a technical career with us, during the apprenticeship you will work on research projects being carried out at our institutes (depending on your speciality). There is a good possibility that you will soon be constructing wheels for a Mars rover, a planetary drill or satellite components. We take your apprenticeship very seriously – regardless of the profession you have chosen. If we are happy with your performance, we will offer you a contract (fixed-term) upon completion of your studies.

We are committed to encouraging young people and take responsibility for the future: on the initiative of the German Federal government, we will train you beyond the specific needs. Of course, we cannot guarantee that we will offer you a contract afterwards – but we can assure you that, once you have completed your apprenticeship at DLR, you will have the best of chances of finding a job in commerce or industry. Word of our high-quality standards has spread, and former DLR apprentices are considered highly by other employers.

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