Development opportunities

Further education and training

Those wanting to shape the ‘knowledge for tomorrow’ must start today – with further education and training adapted to your needs.
Those wanting to shape the ‘knowledge for tomorrow’ must start today – with further education and training adapted to your needs.

500 offers, one goal: your progression

At the German Aerospace Center (DLR), we want to help you to develop your strengths and talents in many ways, including a varied, comprehensive programme of seminars for the on-going development of your technical, methodological and social skills, as well as training programmes and flexible e-learning units tailored to your needs.

Our roughly 500 further education and training courses range from scientific publication publishing, presentation techniques and project management to acquisition training, conducting negotiations and foreign languages. We offer dedicated courses to train our managers and trainee managers. If necessary, our employees can also enrol in external training courses.

A good launch for a successful mission

Your development begins on your very first day at DLR. We welcome you with an induction event, inform you about DLR via our Intranet and appoint a mentor who will accompany you in your everyday work. While working on a project with experienced team colleagues, you will gain new insights and benefit from interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. If you want to take on more responsibility within the team, we will prepare you intensively for this; for example, in our modular management training course. By participating in our specific coaching and mentoring programme, you will gradually grow into your new role.


We feel particularly obliged to offer junior scientists further education and training. Our DLR_Graduate_Program opens up numerous opportunities for PhD candidates. With this modular programme, we not only provide key technical, scientific and methodological qualifications, but also develop your social skills. Furthermore, we will support your participation in international conferences as well as your time as a visting reseacher in Germany or abroad. At present, our 300 participants are proof that we are heading in the right direction.

Further education and training – tailored to your needs

What are your goals? What is your next step? How can we support you? We will guide you from the outset and throughout your entire career at DLR to continuously develop your technical and personal skills, because we know that the success of our research projects depends on our highly qualified, committed employees.