Speculative application

Let´s join your professional knowledge and our research projects. Copyright:
Let´s join your professional knowledge and our research projects. Copyright:

What is your area of expertise and which institute or facility is doing research in that field?

You can get an overview of our 55 institutes and facilities at 30 locations to see how diverse the research areas at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) are. They all have one thing in common: they give high-performance junior scientists who are curious, pioneering and creative space to implement ideas. If this applies to you, it's time to find out which institutes offer exciting opportunities for talented researchers in your area of expertise. The quickest way is to search the vacancies on our career site. Are you studying physics and looking for a Master thesis topic? At the Institute of Aeroelasticity in Göttingen, you can apply your professional knowledge; for example, by advancing the development of measurement technology and test constructions in the high-pressure wind tunnel. This is just one of the many fascinating career opportunities for students at DLR!

Let´s combine your professional knowledge with our research projects.

We are happy to receive speculative applications for PhD positions, course papers, final theses, internships and student jobs. Permanent positions are always posted on our career site, so we would recommend going there to search for vacancies that match your qualifications.

If you want to submit a speculative application, you can go to the individual institute and facility websites to find out about their research areas and current projects. You will also find contacts for your technical questions there. You can find all the information you need for a promising speculative application here. Start your application by using the 'Apply online now' button, which you will find within the detailed information of each institute and facility. This will take you through the application process.

The HR department will only consider applications that contain all the documents requested. We cannot tell you where to launch your mission with DLR. You know best which institutes or facilities are suited to your area of expertise – and we ask you to clearly indicate your preferences! If you are interested in different institutes, please submit separate applications to each one.