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At DLR Institute of Solar Research: preparation of tests for solar production of hydrogen at Synlight facility

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Basically, we’re looking for you! Whether your background is in chemistry, economics, IT or anything in between, our wide-ranging projects require your expertise because our research goes far beyond the aerospace industry. Of course, it’s no use having the most sophisticated scientific experiments without highly skilled specialists who can make them technically and administratively possible.

We develop hydrogen-powered vehicles and conduct research into alternative energy storage systems, future rail transport, the first German quantum computer, digital prototype production and new software technologies – and that’s just for starters. At our 55 institutes and facilities nationwide, we work together to develop groundbreaking solutions to address the challenges that humankind is facing now and will face in the future.

If you’re interested in working in research and development, research funding and science management, administration, and technology and infrastructure, we need your help. DLR can only achieve its full potential with people who have all of these skills on board.


If your area of expertise is on the list, check out our current vacancies. Use the filter to find job listings that suit you, or submit a speculative application.

Here you can find all about career opportunities at DLR.

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Around 5000 scientists work in our institutes and facilities. Every year, they supervise more than 950 doctoral theses and 700 research projects and final theses. Around 75 young people also join us as trainees every year across 11 training programmes. We offer eight dual study programmes that offer the perfect combination of university education and hands-on experience.

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