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DLR%2dDAAD Post%2dDoctoral Fellow Dr Janki Dodiya using a Virtual Assembly Simulation in front of a Virtual Reality display.
DLR-DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr Janki Dodiya using a Virtual Assembly Simulation in front of a Virtual Reality display.

As a fellow of the DLR-DAAD Research Fellowship Programme at DLR.

Are you one of the top scientific or engineering minds in your country? Are you conducting research into cutting-edge topics in aeronautics, spaceflight, energy, transport, security or digitalisation? If so, enrich your career as a doctoral candidate, post-doctoral researcher or senior scientist by coming to DLR as a guest researcher, and working with our interdisciplinary team of experts on the most exciting issues of our time – in Germany, the home of innovation.

We will support your stay with a fellowship awarded by our institutes and facilities in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The ‘DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships Programme’ makes it possible for highly qualified foreign scientists to conduct research at one of DLR’s 30 sites. In our 55 institutes and facilities, you will be able to help shape our knowledge for tomorrow – in solar research, robotics, aerodynamics, communications technology or space medicine, for example. If you are already a senior scientist specialised in one of our research areas and would like to contribute your expertise to the advancement of related topics, we look forward to a stimulating exchange! As a visiting scientist you will, of course, have access to DLR’s first-class technological infrastructure. Powerful computer hardware and software, the most modern laboratories, numerous simulators for space, air, road and rail transport, various wind tunnels and rocket test beds, as well as Europe’s largest civilian research aircraft fleet are available for your research project.

One last step before departure: your route to DLR

We promote stays for scientists from all over the world to work with DLR in its research areas – aeronautics, space, energy, transport, security and digitalisation. You will find the current vacancies for DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships at our institutes on the DAAD pages. For detailed information on the topics and professional competences, see the specific job advertisements. The length of your stay in one of our institutes or facilities will depend on your academic qualifications; as a doctoral candidate, you will spend about three years at DLR, and as a senior scientist, several weeks. Furthermore, as an innovative country, Germany offers a high quality of life, with very good healthcare, a stable economic situation and a pleasant climate. The cost of living is moderate by international comparison.

If you would like to conduct research as a visiting scientist under optimum conditions, please apply directly to the DAAD for one of the fellowships. You can find the information required for a successful application on the DAAD pages. The DAAD will also arrange your journey to Germany, offer you preparatory language courses, if necessary, and look after you on site – so that your research stay at DLR is a success!


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