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The Institute of Test and Simulation for Gas Turbines is focused on new aeroengine technologies through coupling of numerical and experimental processes to enable the validation of new innovative solutions. Challenging for new aeroengine technologies are the higher rotational speeds, higher temperatures, high pressure ratios and the corresponding complex , transient load scenarios in combination with the increased demand for extended lifetime of all components and systems.

The digital models of new solutions for aeroengine compressors and/or turbine parts and systems will be experimentally tested and validated on a 1:1 scale that is relevant for the performance of real engines. For the first time mechanical, thermal and chemical influences on materials and componendts can be tested simultaneously in a unique test facility, if new materials and manufacturing processes (e.g. additive manufacturing) satisfy the demanding lifetime requirements. The test will be used to validate advanced numerical methods to quantify and optimize the lifetime and reliability of highly loaded components and materials (e.g. fibre reinforced ceramics CMC).

You can find out about our fascinating projects on our website. If you have any technical questions, please get in touch with the relevant contact person.

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