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Creativity at work in the power plant

Torsten Baumann. Copyright: DLR Sebastian Mölleken
Torsten Baumann. Copyright: DLR Sebastian Mölleken

I focus on an environmentally friendly energy supply

I would like to make power from solar energy more efficient and affordable. I like my job at the experimental solar thermal power plant because it is application-oriented and diverse. Power plant operations are constantly being optimised. Together with industry partners, I test new technologies and components. In theory, it all seems quite simple, but in practice the situation is often much more complex. When you’re sitting in the control station of the power plant, there are many controlled variables and possible combinations! Creativity is often needed to solve these problems.

For me, it is fulfilling to

conduct research in a field that is important to me. My job allows me to get involved and to help improve things. My findings are directly incorporated into the design of new commercial power plants.

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