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“The best idea wins!”

Tobias Brieden simplifies computer%2daided product design
Tobias Brieden simplifies computer-aided product design

I gather people from different teams around a virtual table

Using the virtual reality software RCE (Remote Component Environment), I ensure a smooth cooperation between our researchers. The software facilitates aircraft, ship and satellite design. Each working group can thus contribute its own expertise – for example, aerodynamics specialists determine the flow around an object, the aeroelastics group assesses the stability, and atmospheric physicists measure the environmental impact. The beauty is that these groups all work at DLR institutes in different locations. RCE collects the varied knowledge and compiles it into a coordinated overall design.

I am very demanding when it comes to...

…my work. What matters to me is that the software that we develop as a team is straightforward and manageable for end users. This entails greater conceptual and development costs – but it is the only way to achieve the best results.

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