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Friederike Klan mines untapped data sources
Friederike Klan mines untapped data sources

Friederike Klan is doing pioneering work in a new institute

I am responsible for the Citizen Science Working Group at the DLR Institute of Data Science. I use modern methods like machine learning to analyse freely accessible data, such as that from social media. Information like this, which was not originally intended for scientific use, yields valuable insights. It fits well with the Earth observation research conducted by our DLR colleagues, who would otherwise only have data from space, namely from satellite images. My work is very application-oriented, and I am fascinated by the interdisciplinary approach and the many different connections with various fields of work at other DLR institutes. I truly value the opportunity to help build a new institute. It takes pioneering spirit, and there is lots of creative freedom and plenty of opportunities to contribute.


I want young people ...

... to understand how information technology – from Google to WhatsApp – works in our everyday lives. I have taught computer science classes for schoolchildren and supervised junior researchers taking part in the Jugend forscht programme. I would very much like to establish a DLR_School_Lab at our institute in Jena.


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