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Well connected working from home

Carina Haupt is well connected, even when working from home

With my team, the Software Engineering group at the Institute for Software Technology, I support researchers in software development. We advise on implementation, develop guidelines and conduct training. Instant messaging, telephone calls and video conferencing have always been a part of my everyday life, as my team is spread across Germany in Berlin, Braunschweig, Cologne and Oberpfaffenhofen. At the moment, instead of doing this work at the office, I am doing  it from home. My good relationships with my colleagues are very helpful to me right now. I am very communicative and like to pass on my knowledge. That is why I am always keen to connect scientists from different DLR institutes who work on related software development questions. Privately, I am also involved in various communities – for example, I organise conferences on free and open-source software.

Working from home is no problem …

… when the required infrastructure exists! We have been able to maintain our usual communication channels, and VPN access was even available at short notice for everyone in the team. We are now offering training courses online. While their organisation is currently spontaneous, we hope to continue to run them in the future. Once again, the great scope and freedom to make decisions that I have at DLR has proven valuable!

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