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Cargo bicycles replace delivery vans

Johannes Gruber presents new approaches to transport policy

I am pleased that my research is contributing to making transport systems more sustainable and efficient. Mobility is an everyday topic that affects everyone's lives, and in a networked world, goods – and our online shopping packages – should always be in the right place at the right time. However, transportation is an under-researched field – many interactions are not clear, data must first be systematically collected, and new concepts tested and improved. In Europe's largest study on cargo bicycles (German link), for example, I investigated the conditions under which companies and public institutions are willing to use cargo bicycles instead of motorised vehicles. My findings help companies that want to bring new platform-based business models to market. They are also relevant for policymakers, who are facing enormous challenges as a result of growing road traffic.

What I enjoy the most

As a scientist, you are part of a global network and have the opportunity to meet many interesting people within Germany, in Europe and beyond at conferences and through joint projects. I appreciate the collegial and open-minded way in which we interact within DLR and with representatives of other research institutions.

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