Women in science at DLR
Women in science at DLR

Developing new technologies and shaping the future – at DLR, researchers like Dagi Geister, Stefania Tescari, Mascha Brost and Anja Frank carry out their research with curiosity and passion. Here, they can focus all their energy on research within a unique infrastructure and carry out pioneering work in the fields of aeronautics, space, energy, transport, security and digitalisation.

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DLR promotes the greatest possible freedom in research, individual development opportunities and the balancing of a family and a career. Diversity, respect and appreciation are among our core values.

Individual development, flexible working time models, appreciation

The continued development of our employees is particularly important to us. We support the recognition and targeted development of their strengths and talents. In addition to our varied and extensive range of seminars focussed on continued development, we also support our female researchers on an individual level with the goal of seeing more highly qualified women participate in the highest levels of research in Germany in the future. 'SCALA – the career ladder for women' bundles together a collection of promising initiatives to increase the representation of female researchers, particularly in leadership positions.

Development opportunities

  • Communication and leadership training specifically for women
  • Internal mentoring and talent management programme
  • The Helmholtz Association’s ‘Helmholtz Advance’ mentoring programme
  • A wide range of seminars, training programmes and e-learning
  • The DLR_Graduate_Program for doctoral candidates
  • Support for participation in international conferences and research stays at home and abroad

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Maintaining a healthy level of productivity for our employees is equally important to us. To this end, we offer flexible working time models as well as benefits related to childcare and the care of dependents. We also support our employees in their return to work, offer sports and health courses and ensure job security even in times of crisis. The compatibility of work and family is close to our hearts!

Working time models at DLR

Flexitime models:
There are company agreements on flexitime at our sites. These arrangements allow employees to determine the location of their working hours themselves as far as possible and thus flexibly organise their working day.

Part-time work:
For certain phases of life, it may make sense to reduce working hours (daily or weekly). There are different labour law bases for this. DLR accommodates employees as far as possible within this framework.

Working from home:
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we transitioned our operations to accomodate working from home. We are currently working on additional ways to make working at DLR more flexible in the future.

Short-term sabbatical:
To reconcile exceptional life situations with work, DLR offers its employees the opportunity to take time away in the form of a short-term sabbatical. A longer stay abroad could be planned for this time, for example, or time-intensive interests could become the primary focus of day-to-day life.

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Work-life balance

  • Family-conscious personnel policy focussed on equal opportunity
  • Flexible working time models
  • Internal family counselling service
  • Comprehensive services for childcare and the care of dependents provided in cooperation with an external partner
  • A wide range of opportunities for the promotion of health and wellbeing
  • Extensive sports programme

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Under the Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt), we are committed to creating a working environment at DLR that is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation and is free of prejudice. At DLR, we embrace equal opportunity – as recognised by the E-QUALITY award since 2004. As for our commitment to assisting our employees balance their family and career, DLR has been regularly awarded the audit work and family (berufundfamilie) certificate since 2002. DLR is diverse and that is what makes us strong.


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