DLR and Dassault Aviation agree on cooperation in aerospace research


18 June 2013

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    DLR and Dassault Aviation agree on cooperation

    Rolf Henke, the DLR Executive Board Member for Aeronautics Research, and Eric Trappier, Board Chairman and CEO of Dassault, signing a joint declaration on cooperation in aerospace research at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.

The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) and the French aerospace company Dassault Aviation intend to join forces in aerospace research. At the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget on 18 June 2013, both partners adopted a joint declaration, which was signed by Eric Trappier, Board Chairman and CEO of Dassault, and Rolf Henke, the DLR Executive Board Member for Aeronautics Research. The cooperation will be targeted towards the areas of flight physics and flight control.

"I am pleased that we are collaborating with another partner in European aeronautics research," said Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Chairman of the DLR Executive Board. "Cooperating in various ways with industry strengthen DLR's position as one of the leading aerospace research institutions in Europe." Regarding the agreement, Eric Trappier of Dassault Aviation commented: "Dassault Aviation has developed from many years fruitful relationships with the Aerospace Research community and this agreement with DLR will strengthen our role in innovative aeronautical projects in Europe to prepare the future.

Load control and flow around winglets

"Among other things, DLR brings its extensive experience in research in the fields of aerodynamics, load control and flight systems technology," explained Rolf Henke. "Likewise, our researchers can benefit from the technical capabilities of Dassault Aviation." DLR and Dassault are also looking into joint research activities to investigate the laminar to turbulent flow transition around winglets. Winglets are attachments on the wingtips that reduce fuel consumption. Both parties agree that conducting joint research on flight test vehicles is a potential prospect for cooperation. The current framework agreement will initially run for one year, and will pave the way for further collaborations.

DLR and Dassault Aviation are two main players in research and industry that complement each other. DLR covers the entire range, from basic research to applied aviation research and development. Large test facilities, such as wind tunnels and simulators, support research carried out to develop the aircraft of tomorrow. Dassault Aviation designs and manufactures aircraft in the competitive global aviation industry. Research activities are an integral part of the group's work to ensure a place in the market. In future, DLR will become an important scientific partner of Dassault Aviation for technical developments and test campaigns.

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