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News Archive Oberpfaffenhofen
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11/11/2008 DLR technology and expertise for a tsunami early warning system in Indonesia
10/11/2008 DLR communicates with TerraSAR-X Earth Observation satellite via laser beam
23/10/2008 Student experiments on board REXUS 4 successfully launched
22/10/2008 Road test for vehicle-to-vehicle communication
13/10/2008 DLR's Falcon research aircraft deployed to improve typhoon forecasts
07/10/2008 Tweaking for science: climate researcher Kathrin Höppner
15/09/2008 Risk assessment for the Mekong delta: DLR and its partners set up the WISDOM information system
08/09/2008 Inauguration of the Galileo Control Centre at DLR
02/09/2008 DLR mapping provides rapid relief after flooding in Nepal and north India
02/09/2008 DLR navigation expert on course for Europe
01/08/2008 Metop-A: Global air quality checks delivered daily from space
24/07/2008 A Game of ‘Space Chess’ - ISS v Mission Control
22/07/2008 SAR-Lupe, Germany’s first satellite-based reconnaissance system, now completed
17/07/2008 German Federal Minister of Economics Michael Glos and Bavarian Prime Minister Günther Beckstein visit DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen
07/07/2008 Vom All in den Alltag- ESA Innovationspreis für Satellitennavigation
07/07/2008 Nutzung der Satellitennavigation innerhalb von Gebäuden
03/07/2008 Besuchen Sie das DLR Institut Robotik und Mechatronik auf der Automatica 2008
03/07/2008 Forschung für mehr Sicherheit: DLR kooperiert mit Sicherheitsbehörden / BKA-Präsident Jörg Ziercke besucht das DLR
03/07/2008 Shuttle-Crew der Columbus-Mission STS-122 zu Gast im DLR-Kontrollzentrum Oberpfaffenhofen
03/07/2008 30 Jahre Radar-Geschichte in Oberpfaffenhofen - Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium
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