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News Archive 2008
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09/05/2008 "Wildlife Rescue" - DLR leads the way in wildlife protection in agriculture
25/04/2008 River delta in Nepenthes Mensae
11/04/2008 Antares DLR-H2: New DLR research aircraft takes off using fuel cell propulsion
10/04/2008 Communication from car to car - DLR brings mobile communications network into operation
07/04/2008 Columbus video - Highlights of the STS-122 mission
03/04/2008 Premiere for European space flight – ATV successfully docks with the ISS
27/03/2008 Visitors to "The Eye in the Sky" pass the quarter million
14/03/2008 Close flyby of Saturn’s enigmatic moon Enceladus
09/03/2008 European supply spacecraft ATV Jules Verne launched successfully
04/03/2008 A clear view even in the dark and in fog – traffic information via radar satellite
26/02/2008 Falcon investigates pollution from the Dakar metropolis into desert dust layers
21/02/2008 Light and dark - the changeable weather of Venus
20/02/2008 As STS-122 mission completes successfully, research in the Columbus laboratory can commence
20/02/2008 The construction of the ISS as an interactive animation
14/02/2008 Internet link-up: Live discussion between Chancellor Merkel and ESA astronauts Schlegel and Eyharts
12/02/2008 Gulf State builds on renewable energy sources - DLR surveys the options for a combined solar/natural gas power station
11/02/2008 Columbus is attached to the ISS
11/02/2008 DLR and Lufthansa Technik announce joint development and maintenance of the new A320 ATRA research aircraft
09/02/2008 Columbus installation delayed by one day
07/02/2008 Space Shuttle Atlantis successfully launched - European laboratory Columbus on its way to the ISS
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