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Press releases - archive until 2007
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21/06/2007 TerraSAR-X exceeds all expectations: German radar satellite sends first data in record time
15/06/2007 TerraSAR-X - German radar satellite launch successful
08/06/2007 German Mars Exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters
01/06/2007 TerraSAR-X to be launched on 15. June from Baikonur
31/05/2007 First European space weather telescope observes solar storms and analyses their impact on Earth
16/05/2007 CO2 levels measured from space for the first time by German SCIAMACHY instrument
04/05/2007 Space telescope COROT finds its first extrasolar planet
27/04/2007 SOFIA - First test flight for the flying observatory
23/04/2007 Small, but perfectly formed – Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation
18/04/2007 World’s first microwave autoclave for composite structure production
02/04/2007 From Frankfurt to Sydney in less than 90 Minutes
01/03/2007 Dr Johann-Dietrich Wörner becomes the new Chairman of DLR
30/01/2007 Flying observatory SOFIA back on course
25/01/2007 DLR founds the Institute of Aerospace Systems in Bremen – the ninth DLR location in Germany
24/01/2007 An active retirement: DLR uses existing television satellites for wireless reception in cars
10/01/2007 It just carries on working: The German HRSC onboard Mars Express now in its third year
22/12/2006 Space Shuttle Discovery returns to Earth
14/12/2006 Hot stuff on Venus! Looking on the hell-like surface of Earth's twin through a very special "window" in the clouds with Venus Express
10/12/2006 Successful launch of Space Shuttle Discovery - relief crewmember on the way for Thomas Reiter
23/11/2006 TerraSAR-X Scheduled for Launch from Baikonur on 27 February
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