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Press releases - archive until 2007
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03/10/2006 Cassini scientists observe evidence for water geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus
06/03/2006 Start des neuen DLR Webportals
17/02/2006 Europe’s most powerful launcher rocket, Ariane 5 ECA, to lift off with two communication satellites
02/02/2006 DLR develops wheels for the ExoMars mission rover
20/01/2006 Avoiding tiredness – DLR model project with Ford truckers demonstrates success of driver alertness training
05/12/2005 Germany and Italy to operate Galileo control centres
01/12/2005 Research rocket TEXUS successfully launched with German experiments on board
25/11/2005 DLR helps plan Cassini fly-by of Saturn moon Rhea
22/11/2005 CO-MINIT: Solar measurement technology for Australian research facility
11/03/2005 News from a space phantom: The continuation of the Matroshka experiment
28/10/2005 Climate change caused by vapour trails less significant than expected – but air traffic causes more cirrus cloud formation
27/10/2005 SHEFEX flight: Webcast replay
26/09/2005 SHEFEX – hot re-entry with sharp edges
26/07/2005 Space Shuttle Discovery successfully launched (German language)
06/08/2005 Ice volcanoes on Saturn’s moon Titan?
05/04/2005 Saturn’s moon Phoebe: new discoveries
14/04/2005 Remote control in space – German robot arm on the ISS starts up routine operation
15/02/2005 Melas Chasma, Candor Chasma and Ophir Chasma: The central part of Valles Marineris
01/14/2005 Huge leap forward for European space exploration as first close-up reconnaissance of a moon in the outer Solar System is successful
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