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News Archive Space until 2007
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23/11/2006 TerraSAR-X Scheduled for Launch from Baikonur on 27 February
13/11/2006 DLR and Kayser-Threde sign contract for German satellite EnMAP
08/11/2006 Control centre for Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system established at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen
26/10/2006 STEREO twin probes lift off on mission to explore the Sun
19/10/2006 A new era for European weather satellites has begun - MetOp circles the poles
18/09/2006 TerraSAR-X - Radar technology from Germany: Financing via Public-Private Partnership
09/09/2006 Space Shuttle Atlantis successfully launched
09/08/2006 STS-115 must wait longer - Launch of Shuttle Atlantis scrubbed
30/08/2006 DLR and Astrium sign contract for German satellite TanDEM-X
25/08/2006 School in Space - Kids become space scientists
25/08/2006 And then there were eight: astronomers no longer count Pluto as a planet
18/08/2006 DLR's virtual control room now features data from the ISS's MATROSHKA experiment
16/08/2006 Thomas Reiter carries out PK-3 Plus experiment on complex plasmas
11/08/2006 DLR wins contract to position and operate twelve satellites for the German Bundeswehr
07/08/2006 Reiter breaks European space endurance record
02/08/2006 Follow the ISS spacewalk through our 'EVA Blog'
07/31/2006 Astrolab mission: On 3 August Thomas Reiter leaves the International Space Station for a six-hour extra vehicular activity (EVA)
21/07/2006 NASA Chief Michael Griffin visits DLR Oberpfaffenhofen
20/07/2006 German ESA Astronaut Hans Schlegel chosen for the European Columbus mission to the ISS
17/07/2006 Space Shuttle Discovery completes successful mission
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