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News Archive Space until 2007
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13/07/2006 MetOp - the low-orbit weather scout
07/07/2006 School in Space - pupils perform experiment with Thomas Reiter
04/07/2006 Successful launch for Space Shuttle Discovery - Thomas Reiter enroute to ISS
06/27/2006 Zooming in from Space: DLR delivers satellite imagery of World Cup stadiums
19/06/2006 German ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter scheduled for launch on 1 July 2006
14/06/2006 DLR extends its research in the field of optical communications from space
22/05/2006 Independent research in weightlessness - interview with Dr Peter Preu on DLR's parabolic flights
16/05/2006 ILA 2006: Tour through the Space Pavilion
11/05/2006 Eighth parabolic flight for the DLR - Airbus A300 ZERO-G on its second visit to Germany
13/04/2006 Unexpected detail in first-ever Venus south pole images
11/04/2006 Venus Express enters orbit around our planetary neighbour
5 April 2006 REXUS 3 soars to 95 kilometres
30/03/2006 Solar eclipse from above: MSG observes path of Moon shadow
30/03/2006 New launch window for the next Space Shuttle mission
28/03/2006 DLR welcomes the reinstatement of NASA's Dawn mission
16/03/2006 TerraSAR-X scheduled for 31 October 2006 launch from Baikonur
12/03/2006 Successful lift-off of Ariane 5 ECA
17/02/2006 Light and shadow on the surface of Mars
17/02/2006 Europe’s most powerful launcher rocket, Ariane 5 ECA, to lift off with two communication satellites
07/02/2006 Two years of high-quality images of Mars courtesy of a German camera
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