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News Archive 2009
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12/05/2009 Building for living the Moon – Lunar Base Symposium in Kaiserslautern
28/04/2009 Northern ice front of Wilkins Ice Shelf is becoming unstable
21/04/2009 TerraSAR-X Image of the Month: The Wadden Sea in North Frisia
17/04/2009 New 'Global Aviation Monitor' from DLR: globally speaking, air traffic remains on a downward trend
16/04/2009 DLR scientists receive next-generation GPS signal for the first time
02/04/2009 Aerodynamic condensation trails: iridescent ice clouds from aircraft wings
01/04/2009 The exhibition 'Out of this World - Wonders of the Solar System' opens in the Oberhausen Gasometer
26/03/2009 Virtual journey to Mars to begin on 31 March 2009
17/03/2009 Successful launch for GOCE
12/03/2009 TerraSAR-X Image of the Month: The Drygalski Glacier in Antarctica
11/03/2009 NEWSKY: New aeronautical communication network presented for the first time
05/03/2009 Rendezvous with HALO – a report
27/02/2009 REXUS campaign underway: Sounding rockets carrying student experiments ready for launch
26/02/2009 Hypersonic flow made visible by DLR researchers
25/02/2009 Eye specialist with an unusual clientele: Dr Claudia Stern
13/02/2009 Asteroid spacecraft Dawn: a change in course near our neighbour, Mars
10/02/2009 Happy birthday, Columbus!
03/02/2009 CoRoT discovers extrasolar rocky planet
02/02/2009 Gerold Reichle succeeds Dr Ludwig Baumgarten as Executive Board member responsible for the DLR Space Agency
02/02/2009 Tenth anniversary for DLR's parabolic flights
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