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Protecting the civilian population in the event of a natural disaster

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Protecting the civilian population in the event of a natural disaster
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DLR's security research does not fall neatly into one of its focus areas, but instead forms a common focus for all research areas. In the areas of aeronautics and transportation research, for instance, DLR scientists are working on airport security and satellite-based crisis management, and in the area of energy research they are working on a decentralised energy supply. DLR has an extensive national, European and international network linking it to other research institutions in the field of security research. Through its research activities, DLR bolsters Germany's competitive position in Europe and the world.

This can be illustrated by the example of the German-Indonesian tsunami early warning system in Jakarta, which will be put into service in the summer of 2009, at which point it will be fully operational. Communities all over the world need protection and aid in the event of a natural disaster. In order to protect the population from disasters or to be able to provide aid quickly and effectively in an emergency, decision makers and aid agencies need fast and reliable information. To make tsunami advance warning even more reliable in the future, DLR investigated and realised the implementation of new Earth observation technologies in such a warning system. This research is also important for enabling transfer of the early warning system to other areas vulnerable to tsunamis, such as the Mediterranean.

Credit: DLR.