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Video:Cydonia's 'Face on Mars' in 3D animation (Quicktime, high-res)

Cydonia's 'Face on Mars' 3D animation was produced through a 'mash-up', or combination of digital data, from the DLR-operated HRSC and NASA's Mars Global Surveyor camera (MOC), in a technique similar to that used to create the Cydonia 'Face' 3D still images published on the DLR web portal in September 2006. The 3D animation starts looking towards the East, and finishes with a still image looking South.

To download this high-resolution video file: Hold your mouse pointer over the thumbnail image, right-click and select "Save as..." This will allow you to save the file to your local PC hard disk (Apple Quicktime 7 or Windows Media Player required).

Video: Copyright ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)/MSSS.