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Video chat – research with the SOFIA flying observatory

12 May 2011

On Thursday, 12 May 2011 between 19:00 and 20:00 CET, NASA will transmit an online video chat featuring the SOFIA observatory and project scientist Pamela Marcum from NASA. The live video will offer insights into the infrared astronomy being carried out by researchers on board SOFIA. Interested parties will be able to ask Pamela Marcum questions over the NASA UStream channel.

SOFIA, the US-German Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, is the world’s only airborne observatory; a modified Boeing 747SP carrying a 2.70-metre telescope. Flying above most of the Earth’s atmosphere and avoiding absorption by water vapour means that astronomical observations can be performed in the infrared and submillimetre wavelength ranges. The scientific objective of SOFIA is to explore, among other things, the origin and evolution of galaxies, stars and planetary systems. The first scientific observations on board SOFIA flights have taken place in the past few months.

Video streaming by Ustream

Watch the replay here. For more information: Pamela Marcum

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