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Press releases - archive until 2007
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14/12/2007 New launchdate set for Atlantis and Columbus: 10 January 2008
09/12/2007 Launch of space shuttle Atlantis postponed to January 2008
08/12/2007 Columbus: Atlantis launch delayed until Sunday
06/12/2007 Columbus: Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis delayed
01/12/2007 Decision made in Brussels about Galileo
28/11/2007 Out of orbit and in the lab – On the track of Venus's secrets
26/11/2007 Shuttle Mission STS-122 with the Columbus European Laboratory in overview
14/11/2007 The "Planetary Evolution and Life" research alliance to receive funding
07/11/2007 Solar energy even at night: DLR breakthrough with new heat accumulator
12/10/2007 DLR's climate research studies contribute to Nobel Prize
11/10/2007 A ten-year success story: The Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn
05/10/2007 Initial measurements from GOME-2: No substantial recovery in the ozone hole
27/09/2007 Successful launch of Dawn asteroid mission
11/09/2007 Launch of Japanese moon probe SELENE with DLR participation
03/09/2007 2007 Aviation and Aerospace Day – Technologies from Space in Cologne
09/08/2007 TerraSAR-X radar satellite transmits excellent images for numerous scientific applications – a German success story
07/08/2007 German astronaut Thomas Reiter to become member of DLR Executive Board with responsibility for space research and development
09/07/2007 Inauguration of new Fresnel collector at Plataforma Solar de Almería in Spain
04/07/2007 Travel through time to the beginnings of the solar system: Nasa Mission Dawn to Ceres and Vesta commences with German cameras
25/06/2007 German Aerospace Day 2007
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