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Press releases 2009
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08/10/2009 'Lead Scenario' for 2009: renewable energy sources once again on the advance
20/09/2009 More than 100,000 visitors for German Aerospace Day 2009 at DLR
16/09/2009 Exoplanet CoRoT-7b has five times the mass of Earth
04/09/2009 From Cologne/Bonn to weightlessness - Ten years of scientific parabolic flights by DLR
03/09/2009 Solar thermal power plants: Over 500 experts expected at leading conference in Berlin
01/09/2009 REXUS/BEXUS: The third DLR student prize for rocket and balloon experiments
20/08/2009 Jülich solar tower power plant – research facility officially handed over to the operator
18/08/2009 eROSITA X-ray telescope: DLR and Roskosmos sign agreement in Moscow
17/08/2009 DLR at Moscow Aviation and Space Salon, MAKS 2009
11/08/2009 German Aerospace Day 2009
05/08/2009 Mobile vibration tests save time and money in the development of new airliners – a report
03/08/2009 Countdown in Oberpfaffenhofen: ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) opened
25/07/2009 Accurate landing via satellite: DLR Braunschweig commissions GBAS station
24/07/2009 Craters, lava flows and tectonic features near Ma'adim Vallis
17/07/2009 SuperLIGHT-CAR: lightly towards the car of the future
17/07/2009 Venus' atmosphere observed – SCIAMACHY on Envisat looks elsewhere
14/07/2009 Mars500 crew safely 'landed' - First phase of isolation study ended on 14 July 2009 in Moscow
09/07/2009 Welcome to Cologne - Alexander Gerst at the European Astronaut Centre
07/07/2009 Further development of ATV technology - contract on study signed
07/07/2009 DLR motor glider Antares takes off in Hamburg – powered by a fuel cell
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