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Institute of Propulsion Technology
Köln, Berlin, Göttingen

The research work of the Institute of Propulsion Technology is strictly focused on the improvement of gas turbines in aviation and electric power generation by medium- to long-term exploitation of the...
Related Topics: Gas Turbine Dependability

Storing solar energy in sulphur - PEGASUS research project successfully completed

Thursday, 9 December 2021

Researchers from the DLR institutes of Future Fuels and Solar Research have worked with European research partners in the PEGASUS...
Related Topics: System Analysis Dependability Combustible Energy Production and Conversion Solar Physics

FPLG - SyncSim – Synchronization in Simulation

The Free-Piston Linear Generator (FPLG) is a freely oscillating power conversion unit which consists of three subsystems: the combustion chamber, the linear generator and the gas spring. One of the mo...
Related Topics: Dependability
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