Vehicles Structure

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ARENA2036 - Lightweight construction based on functional integration

Efficient use of fiber-composite-intensive material structures enables the integration of more functions into the supporting structure of an innovative lightweight construction concept.
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KraSchwing - Optimisation of load transmission in fiber composite structures subject to vibration stress

As part of the project KraSchwing, the research field Lightweight and Hybrid Design Methods researches innovative approaches for joints in hybrid structures
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Railway vehicles

Active control of railway vehicle dynamics offers an enormous and so far unexploited potential for enhancements regarding safety and comfort. It additionally allows for reducing energy consumption, no...
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NGC - Lightweight construction concepts for commercial vehicles

Road transport for long distances and in urban areas represents one of the fastest growing transport modes and is one of the main producers of climate damaging CO2 emissions. Due to this fact, new, in...
Related Topics: Vehicles Structure

NGC - Evaluation methods

Various structural optimisation methods are applied and improved along the entire product development cycle. The variety of optimisation to be applied ranges from topology optimisation of complete veh...
Related Topics: Vehicles Structure

Design method for structural component tests

Applying a design method for structural component tests and obtaining predictions regarding the component behaviour within the complete vehicle through this method, allows for fundamental investigatio...
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Dynamic High Strain Component Test Facility – Crash Test Facility

In addition to novel vehicle concepts, the research field ‘Lightweight and Hybrid Design Methods’ is also developing new technologies in the area of body in white (BIW) development. Predominantly mate...
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The so called Sharp Edge Flight Experiment hypersonic flight of SHEFEX-II had the aim to investigate advanced technology for atmospheric re-entry under real conditions. Besides a unique thermal protec...
Related Topics: Vehicles Structure
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