Noise and Emissions

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SUMO User Conference 2019 (May 13-15, 2019)

The SUMO User Conference 2019 will Focus on simulating connected Urban Mobility. The conference aims on presenting new and unique results in the field of mobility simulation and modelling using openly...
Related Topics: Integrated Traffic-Environment Model Noise and Emissions Road Traffic Management Instrumentation and Photography

AEROFLEX: Aerodynamic and Flexible Trucks for Next Generation of Long Distance Road Transport

A paradigm shift is needed to meet the future challenges of more effective road freight transport. The "Physical Internet" stands for this as a new vision of future logistics for physical goods to ach...
Related Topics: Noise and Emissions Measures and Technologies Traffic Development System Analysis

OPTIC – Optimal Policies for Transport in Combination

OPTIC is a research project under EU’s 7th framework program. It is meant to develop measures that help to identify and evaluate possible adverse effects, which may result from the introduction of tra...
Related Topics: Noise and Emissions Measures and Technologies

Transport and the Environment (VEU)

Securing the mobility of people and goods and at the same time preserving a healthy environment and natural resources is one of the main challenges our societies face. The DLR internal project “Transp...
Related Topics: Travel Demand Analysis Noise and Emissions System Analysis Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

Technology Cost and Assessment Database – TECA-DB

The Technology Cost and Assessment Database (TECA-DB) was developed by the DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts to provide transparency of information on vehicle technologies and availability to the publ...
Related Topics: Noise and Emissions Measures and Technologies System Analysis

Nationale Kontaktstelle (NKS) Luftfahrtforschung

Die nationale Kontaktstelle wurde etabliert, um eine Vernetzung der luftfahrtbezogenen europäischen Fördermaßnahmen für die Luftfahrt- und Luftverkehrsforschung mit dem Luftfahrtforschungsprogramm der...
Related Topics: Noise and Emissions Air Transportation and Safety