Composite Materials

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Composites with matrices doped by nanoparticles

Nanoscaled additives (particle size of 1-100 nm) are able to improve strength, stiffness, and impact resistance of fibre reinforced composites. Nanoparticles are able to reduce shrinkage.
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Material Development

Significant improvements of modern technical systems, characterized by high complexity, can only be realized by multidiscipline system approaches. Thereby, materials play a significant role. The mater...
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Nano – Micro – Macro

Multi-phase materials like composites require the comprehensive understanding from Nano – Micro – Macro -scale of the components interaction. This includes the effect of nano-scaled additives to the r...
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Physics based lifetime estimation (PLB)

Materials used in gas turbines are subjected to the harshest operating conditions – such as cyclic mechanical loads, high temperatures and combustion gases. Decades long research for advanced material...
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Institute of Structures and Design

The research activities in the Institute of Structures and Design are concerned with the development and implementation of composite materials with polymer and ceramic matrix in innovative, high perfo...
Related Topics: Composite Materials
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