Propellants and Fuels

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Gelled Propellants

Gelled propellants are produced from liquid fuels and gelling agents. Once in a tank, i.e. in idle state, they change from solid into liquid state when shear stress is applied. This particular feature...
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From sunlight directly to fuel
SUN-to-LIQUID aims at developing a solar thermochemical technology as a highly promising fuel path at large scale and com...
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Advanced Propellants

Satellite propulsions are still operated with liquid fuels, like dinitrogen tetroxide, hydrazine, mono-methyl hydrazine (MMH), asymmetric dimethyl hydrazine (ADMH); they are toxic but storable for ext...
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Combustion Chamber Technology

The work conducted by this department revolves around combustion chamber processes and technologies for liquid rocket propulsion with cryogenic propellants LOX/hydrogen, LOX/methane, and storable prop...
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