Communications and Radar

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Two groups of the institute are contributing to ATENAA: The Optical Communications Group inside section Digital Networks and the Antenna Group of section Navigation.
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The main objective of the action is to assist and coordinate the research in the field of integrated and versatile antennas for wireless applications, by bringing together experts from the distinct ar...
Related Topics: Communications and Radar


The Spanish PAZ satellite (owner HisdesSAT) is an X-band SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) spacecraft based on the TerraSAR-X platform built by Airbus. It is the first Spanish satellite for radar-based E...
Related Topics: Communications and Radar

Measurement of wind

Aeolus, Bora, Sirocco, Foehn or Mistral: Many names exist for the atmospheric wind, fascinating mankind for times. Wind is the dominating part of the weather system beside temperature and water vapor.
Related Topics: Communications and Radar
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