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DLR Laser-range Scanner (2000)

The DLR Laser Range Scanner is a device for the exploration of three-dimensional environments. It uses the principle of laser triangulation, as shown in Figure 1. A laser beam is send from a source an...
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Datasheet FPM K3A

For the both earth observing satellites KompSat-3 (launch 2011) and KompSat-3A (launch 2013) DLR-OS got the order from the South Korean space agency KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) to design...
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Static and dynamic pressure

Rosemount Model 1501 Digital Pressure Transducer - Noseboom, Rosemount Model 1201F2 Pressure Transducer - Noseboom, Rosemount Model 1221F2 - Noseboom
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Hand II

DLR Hand II is a reliable, flexible and powerful multisensory hand – on Rollin' Justin – combined with the lightweight arms it is an excellent platform for two hand manipulation.
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Online surface reconstruction

The development of range sensors allows for generating 3-D models by contact-less measurement of the desired objects surface. These models can be used for virtual reality applications, like virtual mu...
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