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New communication with Philae – commands executed successfully

10 July 2015
Lander Philae hat am 9. Juli 2015 von 19.45 Uhr bis 20.07 Uhr erneut Daten gesendet - darunter auch Mess-Daten des Instruments CONSERT. Auch wenn die Verbindung dabei mehrfach a...
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Dynamic High Strain Component Test Facility – Crash Test Facility

In addition to novel vehicle concepts, the research field ‘Lightweight and Hybrid Design Methods’ is also developing new technologies in the area of body in white (BIW) development. Predominantly mate...
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MATROSHKA is an ESA project that is realized under the direction of the DLR in collaboration with industrial partners DTM technologies (Modena) and Kayser-Italia (Livorno). MATROSHKA is a facility tha...
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