Structural Mechanics

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Launcher Base Flow Analysis

Nozzles of modern launcher vehicles are large structural elements exposed to aero-thermal fluctuating side-loads resulting from the unsteady interactions of (i) the launcher external flow, (ii) the no...
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Robust Primary Structures

Reliable design methods for Robust Primary Structures are already mandatory, but the challenge to ensure reliability (oder robustness) by adding additional functions into the structure.
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics

Aeroelastic Wind-tunnel experiments

This aeroelastic wind-tunnel-experiments group is committed to the planning, realisation and analysis of challenging experiments in wind tunnels in order to investigate the Fluid-Structure Interaction...
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Thermomechanical Test Facility INDUTHERM

The test stand INDUTHERM is intended for the thermal and mechanical test of structure components such as load introductions. Heating of the test specimens takes place inductively via a suscepor tube w...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics


MERTIS is a combined TIR Spectrometer with an radiometer instrument proposed for the orbiter of Bepi Colombo. From Earth-based telescopic measurements of hermean spectra, which are mostly disk-integra...
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