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Performance Tests for the Comparsion of Sleep Deprivation, Oxygen Deficiency and Alcohol

The effects of a shortened duration of sleep on the human performance has been examined in several studies in the Arbeitsmedizinische Simulationsanlage (medical simulation facility) AMSAN. The examina...
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The second ESA mission on board the MIR station was the first long-term mission (179 days and extravehicular activities of the European astronaut) with a variety of experiments in the fields of Microg...
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The first ESA mission on board the MIR station is carried out as a Columbus precursor mission for preparing Experimenters and the Ground Segment for the Columbus era. Under ESA contract DLR was respon...
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Investigation on cumulative psycho-physiological effects on flight crews

The DLR (German Aerospace Center) Insitute for Aerospace Medicine has been working on questions concerning the stress and work-load of flight crews for several years. Until now only single ciculations...
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Flight Training, Standardization, Licensing

The training, standardization and licensing group organizes and controls the training for pilots. The group defines the standard for training and implements the directives and regulations in terms of ...
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Centrifuge Microscope NIZEMI

The slow rotating centrifuge NIZEMI (Zeiss Axioskop, Zeiss, Germany) has been successfully used for threshold studies on various biological systems during the space mission IML 2 in 1994.
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