Man/System Technology and Life Support

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C.R.O.P.® Biological manure treatment

The DLR C.R.O.P.® process makes it possible to treat the problematic substance manure and convert it into a readily available fertiliser solution for plants. Based on a purely biological method, cattl...
Related Topics: Man/System Technology and Life Support

Current research at DLR

With the research project DUKE, DLR is aiming at replacing the recirculation concept with a once-through concept to further reduce cost and to foster the commercial application of DSG power plants.
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The involvement of the Institute for Communication and Navigation in LIMES is focused in the cluster Humanitarian Relief and Reconstruction. This cluster includes the improvement and extension of the ...
Related Topics: Nuclear Physics Man/System Technology and Life Support

Expert statements on the revision of the EU ETS for aviation and the use of synthetic fuel

Researchers from our Institute were invited to make expert statements on the further development of the European emissions trading system (EU ETS) and on the use of synthetic fuels in aviation. The Eu...
Related Topics: Propellants and Fuels Man/System Technology and Life Support
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