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Sciamachy auf Envisat
Pioneer-Venus-Bild im sichtbaren Licht und Magellan-Radarbild der Venusoberfläche

Venus' atmosphere observed – SCIAMACHY on Envisat looks elsewhere

17 July 2009
Scientists at DLR and SRON have found a new area of deployment for the SCIAMACHY atmospheric instrument on the European environmental satellite Envisat. In March and June 2009, the spectrometer looked away from its normal target, Earth, towards our neighbouring inner planet Venus and investigated its radiation at visible light and near-infrared wavelengths.
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Kohlendioxidanstieg auf der Erde zwischen 2003 und 2005.<br><br>Bild: Uni Bremen.

CO2 levels measured from space for the first time by German SCIAMACHY instrument

16 May 2007
Environmental researchers at the University of Bremen have succeeded in observing the rise of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the first time by using satellite measurements alone.
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Arctic ozone hole is bigger than ever before

15 March 2005
As the cold winter weather continues, scientists are measuring the greatest level of decomposition of the ozone layer ever recorded over the North Pole. The conclusion was reached by scientists from the University of Bremen using data from the atmospheric sensor SCIAMACHY.
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