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DLR Magazine - Magazine of DLR, the German Aerospace Centre

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Since June 2010, DLR’s flagship publication, the DLR Magazine, is also available in an english language edition. The new magazine delivers modern science communication at its best – with amazing imagery and engaging editorial content. News, comment and interviews complement the traditional articles written by DLR researchers and prepared by scientific editors.

Download DLR Magazine or read it online via the links below. You may subscribe to the printed version of the DLR Magazine free of charge.

DLR Magazine 128

DLR Magazine 128 – It's all in the detail

2 December 2010
On the cover: simulated spheres of microscopic materials that bring the modelling of materials into focus, making it easier to predict their behaviour under stress. Whether they resist or fail under heavy loads is a crucial factor for aeronautics and space research, just as it is in energy and transport. Safety, and in turn security, is always the first priority – this is why security is one of the themes of the second English-language edition of the DLR Magazine.
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DLR Magazine 126

DLR launches new English-language magazine

11 June 2010
It says Magazine on the cover and it lives up to its name – news, comment and interviews complement traditional articles written by DLR researchers, all prepared by specialist editors. Complex issues are made understandable and large projects are covered without leaving out the small steps on the road to an important discovery. The everyday work of researchers is placed in focus – people who with persistence, imagination and courage, invent something really new and innovative.
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DLR-Nachrichten - Ausgaben 104 bis 125

DLR Nachrichten 120 – Special Edition: Energy Research

September 2008
Energy issues are high on the agenda at the moment. Energy research is not a passing interest, though. It has been part of the German Aerospace Center’s (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) research portfolio for the past three decades. DLR has outstanding and wide-ranging expertise in this field. Energy-saving technologies, options for wide application of renewable energies, and contributions to climate protection are all in high demand. DLR Nachrichten’s ‘Special Edition: Energy Research’ covers these topics.
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DLR Nachrichten 118 - Special Edition Transport

November 2007
Milestones in aeronautics and spaceflight – that is what is expected from DLR. After all, it is these two fields which form our name. Concluding the aerospace year with a special edition on transport may cause people to sit up and take notice. And so it should. Transport is our most recent field of research; it is not yet ten years old. For the DLR transport researchers, progress has been racing ahead in the fast lane. Transport researchers at DLR are clearing the way for mobility in the 21st century.
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DLR Nachrichten 109 - Special Issue Solar Research

January 2005
This special issue of DLR-Nachrichten devoted to Solar Research is intended to give you an insight into German Aerospace Center work aimed at securing the future. The special attention of the DLR Solar Research is on the development of energy systems which convert the sunshine reaching the earth into usable energy.
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